My 1st Halter Dress with Stripes


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Girl you nailed your first time sewing with stripes I am so proud of you! You made this dress in 2015 with New Look A6206. You purchased the fabric at your favorite fabric store, Fine Fabrics in Norcross Ga. The day you saw this fabric, you knew that you had to have it.

You had no idea what pattern you would make with it, but deep down within you knew it would be a maxi dress. Do you remember cutting this dress out on a carpeted floor because you didn’t have a cutting table at the time? Boy, did you manage to nail it anyway.

When you made this dress 2 years ago, you were still learning how to get an eye for matching fabrics with designs. You didn’t think you would ever develop that skill. Girl you should pat yourself on the back because you can truly say that you have come a long way.

This is still one of your favorite creations that I know you will never get rid of. You haven’t made anything with stripes since. Looking at these pictures I know they make you want to try it again and I think you know just what that next stripe project is going to be.

Simply Me



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