Purple Maxi Dress

simplicity s0345_10simplicity s0345_4simplicity s0345_3simplicity s0345_6shaunic

Girl, you really thought this Simplicity 0345 dress was going to be easy to make…and for the most part it was but those gathers almost drove you to drink huh?

Babaeee…when I tell you this dress causes for gathering at the waist for dayssss….geesh, just when you thought you were going to be able to make something without mama’s help…..darn gathers made you ill LOL!

You made it through tho! I think it’s safe to warn anybody who wants to make this dress that you will be gathering the waist line for several days.

The point of the chevron was supposed to be centered but after dealing with the gathers from hell, you just settled for where ever it is, that’s where it will be.

The neckline ain’t perfect either, but it’s wearable as fare as you are concerned I see.

Well, as long as you are happy with it, it’s all good. Simply Me it is!



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